Find your “Why”: Changing your Perspective

You could lay down and feel defeat or you can stand up and take each day as a gift and use your circumstances in a way that can change peoples lives or even your own. Having an aortic aneurysm has changed my perspective about life. I don’t worry because I have faith but it makes me want to live each day to the best of my ability. I’m thankful for everything in life and everyone too! What are your challenges? Is there something hindering your journey? All of us have our Achilles heel in life and sometimes we feel that it is something that puts a roadblock in our journey. The “defeated” feeling is so real that it drowns out our normal life’s goals in many ways. What will you do when you’re faced with a challenge in life? Giving in or giving up shouldn’t even be in our vocabulary. You are created to do so much more and your thought process as well as your dreams are more than half the battle to achieving your destiny. Do you have a diagnosis that scares you? Maybe you’re facing one of the biggest crisis’ in your life. What will you do in facing that giant? It’s up to you in so many ways but one way is to start at the beginning. Track your meals, water, movement and write down your goals. What we put into our bodies has so much to do with our health. The way we move our bodies has alot to do with our physical overall wellness. If you don’t move your body, your muscles can atrophy. Which means wasting away.  Strength is very important and in order to achieve this, we must stay ahead of the game. If you know you have a reunion or an event coming up, getting into better shape is usually what people do to achieve that goal. What about just daily life? Our goals each day in order to attain better health or overall wellness should be one of our plans. It’s so important to our life’s journey. Do you want to be around for your family in the future and be able to live a life that is the best quality out there? What is your “why”?

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