Food: Heart vs Have

So, you like to eat? So do I and so many times I have to decide if I make food or go out to eat. This is where I find myself getting into trouble. When we have food at home to prepare, it helps with what we’re eating in that we know how it’s made. Processed foods from fast food restaurants aren’t the kind of quality food that you want to put into your mouth. Most of it isn’t healthy. Let’s face it, it may look good on the commercials and it’s easy to grab, but it is very bad for you. Mostly, it leaves you feeling unsatisfied and still hungry. When I use to go to a place where I would weigh in, I learned to do a system with points. I’m sure the way I did it wasn’t right. Starving myself in the morning, then going to a fast food restaurant at lunch and eating part of my dinner at night never satisfied my cravings or filled me up. I quickly stopped doing that and went back to my old ways which in turn was even more unhealthy. Skipping meals is not feeding your body. I’m sure you’ve heard you ‘eat to live’ not ‘live to eat’. What are you putting in your body to help you to be healthy? Are you perplexed how to start preparing foods or would you rather not step foot into your kitchen?

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